The Technology

The climatic and soil conditions and the changes taking place in nature have a significant effect on food production. Each season is therefore different and unique, and undoubtedly presents a challenge for us. We cannot think schematically. We always try to adjust the cultivation technology to the existing conditions. We take advantage of our own experience as well as of the findings of the latest scientific research. We have been growing crops for decades. The successive generations of the Glinicki family have observed the performance of crop plants in highly variable growing conditions, always in the same area – in Bielany. Each generation, richer in the knowledge of its ancestors, has passionately sought to improve the methods and techniques of production so that all that is good could be even better… Years of experience in the growing of strawberries have enabled us to develop our own technology of cultivation. This technology makes use of the nature’s potential, which is necessary when growing in natural conditions. We are pleased to observe the favourable effects of beneficial organisms and appreciate their role in plant protection. We are in constant touch with agricultural universities and institutes associated with agricultural production. It is because of these contacts that we are also able to employ the latest results of scientific studies and experiments in the production technology of our farm.