The Offer

In our offer you will find dessert strawberries of the cultivars that bear fruit from June until the first autumn frosts. We place special emphasis on the high quality of the fruit we produce. Only carefully selected fruits end up on the market as we want to make sure that the consumer receives a fresh and healthy product. Our strawberries are normally packed in 500g PET containers, which are then packed ten per carton. This kind of packaging ensures safe transportation – protects against crushing and damaging the fruits, and also improves retail trade. On customers’ request we can customize the type of packaging to satisfy their needs. We are fully aware of how important it is to ensure the right conditions during fruit storage and transport. The farm owns special refrigerator trucks that make it possible to cool strawberries immediately after harvest and transport them. A suitable lowering of the temperature of the fruits effectively increases their keeping quality, preserves their aroma and taste, and maintains their healthy and fresh appearance.